A downloadable game for Windows

This is a game jam game for the "Cyberpunk" theme, based around the concept of simulating what it's like to become addicted to drugs.

Due to poor time management, the project doesn't quite live up to the original vision.  The idea was to deliberately design a game which is dull and uninteresting to play, with holding the "juiciness" that makes games fun.  But, after taking a health-up, you would become high, and the game would suddenly acquire that fun, engaging juiciness.  The idea being to simulate heroin, which "just feels nice" according to real world users.  Unfortunately I didn't fully implement this, and instead the high mode is defined simply by a cool neon and half tone shaded aesthetic.


WASD: Move

Mouse: Aim

Left Click: Shoot

Space: Use your drugs to heal/enter the high state


Builds.zip 20 MB

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