Submission for the Ludum Dare game jam, combining the incompatible genres of bullet hell and pinball.


  • Mouse: Move
  • Left Click: Fire shots from your left bumper.
  • Right Click: Fire shots from your right bumper.
  • Center Click: Serve ball.

Defeat an endless wave of bosses with your pinball!


  • enemy shots don't damage the player, but instead briefly stun them.
  • the player cannot allow the ball to fall of the screen, if they do they lose a life
  • player shots do not damage the enemy, only the ball does
  • enemies are only vulnerable at specific weakpoints
  • players may earn additional balls by scoring points
  • points are awarded as follows: 
  • -- hitting an enemy projectile with the ball: 1 point 
  • -- hitting a boss's weakpoint with the ball: 500 points
  • -- killing a boss: 10000 points
  •  -- players are awarded an additional ball once every 10000 points, so killing a boss guarantees a free extra life